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In the early 19th century, many African Americans moved from their residences in the South, to more industrial, urban areas in the north. One of the factors contributing to the rise of the Harlem Renaissance was the great migration of African-Americans to northern cities (such as New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.) between 1919 and 1926. This was known as the Great Migration, when African Americans relocated to such areas in order to seek out jobs, and overall, better ways of life. The Great Migration helped to spark a cultural renewal for these people in New York City. Black musicians, writers, actors, and artists all reflected this renewal of culture, and celebrated it through their many works. Names such as Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, and Langston Hughes, helped shape both a new African American culture and identity. This movement became known as the Harlem Renaissance, not only became an important part of African American history, but also in the history of the United States. 

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